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Cloud One

Founded in 2006, Cloud One started as a response to foreign demand and their struggle to efficiently communicate with local companies and getting the expected results, as well as for Chinese companies looking to understand Western mentality to enter the overseas market.

From a home-based one-man company with web development as the only service, Cloud One quickly grew its team adding graphic design, consulting, and now extended to branding and other marketing services.

10 years later, Cloud One is formed by a team of talented professionals around the world and local offices in Xiamen China.

At Cloud One we aim to be distinguished by providing top quality and committing to on-time delivery.

A powerful team

Coming from different backgrounds and nationalities, we are professionals in each of our areas. Together we speak more than 6 languages and clearly understand multi-cultural differences, yet, we work as ONE.

Néstor Sulú


Nestor, a former IT manager from a multi-national company, started Cloud One in 2006. Nestor holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Yucatan in Mexico, and has over 18 years experience in IT, Graphic Design, Business and Management. He speaks Spanish, English and Chinese.

Gonzalo - Designer - Cloud One

Gonzalo Pavillard

Designer & CO-FOUNDER

Born in Madrid, Gonzalo is a graphic artist with a passion for all things Chinese. His special love for Chinese culture took him to study Chinese Language and History at Beijing's Foreign Language Institute. His many years of experience in China allows him to build conceptual bridges between East and West. He speaks Spanish, English, and Chinese.



Shanti, with over 6 years of experience, has worked for big design agencies and has full of experience in marketing and promotion. As current partner of CLOUD ONE, she puts her energy and knowledge of the business and the understanding of clients' needs to ensure we can get to work and successfully finish each case.

Alfredo - Motion Graphics - Cloud One

Alfredo Varela

Motions Graphics

Born in Mexico City, Alfredo holds a degree in Computer Sciences from the Monterrey Tech Institute in Mexico City, and a degree in 2D-3D Animation from the Institute de Creation Artistique et Recherche Informatique in Montreal, Canada. He speaks Spanish, English, French and Chinese.


UX Developer

Andrey is from St Petersburg, Russia. He is passionate for web development, working closer with the designers to code those beautiful and many times complex designs to create a piece of art in a fully functional website with nice UX experience.

Kevin - CSS developer - Cloud One


WEB Developer

Kevin is our CSS master, he does his magic converting those Photoshop layouts into beautiful pieces of HTML and CSS. He is a graduate of Xiamen University with a major in Information Technology. He speaks Chinese and English.

With offices in Xiamen and designers and artists from all over the world, we are a team providing you with top quality and on-time deliveries.