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Posted by admin on Monday, October 31, 2011

Disability policy in China, a model to follow

Often the news focus on negative aspects in China, however, there are also several positive things here that are few times mentioned. One of them is the way China handle disability issues.

Living in China for now more than 10 years, and recently using more and more the public transportation system, I have found out, the government really puts an effort in making the life of individuals with disabilities better.

You get up in the early morning and get ready to work. Go to the elevator, and, in main buildings, they have two dial pads, one for average person and one lower with different floor number layout for wheelchair persons. The size of the elevator is also bigger, to allow the wheelchair in and move.

You arrive downstairs and take it to the street, you will find out a trail of embossed stone-like paths for visually impaired individuals. and the trail goes everywhere! through parking lots, street intersections, it extends to kilometers and kilometers. Virtual every single street has this special trail.

After some walk, you may want to go WC. There are public WC on the street, and yes, you have two versions: the small one and the wider one, the latter for disabled persons. And surprisingly, people respect that, even they are in urgency, they will not use the special WC if they are not the disabled person it is intended to.

Them you finally make it to the public bus, the aisle is wider, and there are some chairs labeled for the senior and the disabled.

What about if you drive? Ok, there are also designed spots for the disabled, although here, saddly, as I think many other countries, few people respect that, but at least is there and the intention still good.

Thumbs up for China on this.