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Posted by admin on Saturday, August 27, 2011

Firefox 6 and 6 reasons why I don’t like it

I've been long time user of Google Chrome since a customer mentioned it was a very light, simple and fast option to browse the Internet. However, we are always open to options, and in a recent CNN article I found Opera very interesting, I download it and tried it.

Opera as CNN described, it is a smart browser, with smart functions and beautiful interface, however, it feels slower to render pages compared to Chrome.

And then, this week buzz is all about Firefox 6. I had given it a try before and I stopped using it because is slow to start and need to deal with those all popup windows for updates, remember password and so on.

But well, it is 2011, I told myself; maybe it has evolved since then. So, I went to Mozilla website, downloaded the installer, very light, and got it running in less than 5 minutes. First impression was good, very nice and neat interface (first thing I did was remove the Ask toolbar), then browser speed ok, not as fast as Chrome, but faster than Opera.

And then, I could live with it for 3 days, until today, at first start in the morning, I got that screen again “There is a new update… do you want to upgrade", then several minutes to wait for download and update. That's it; it has not evolved enough for me to leave Chrome.

So, here are my six reasons why I don't like Firefox 6

  1. Starts slower than Chrome
  2. Renders slower than Chrome
  3. Several annoying update dialog boxes popup often
  4. It resets some setup after every “update"
  5. It pushes you to first setup and then use, opposed to Chrome that you use it first and rarely you have to setup something
  6. It doesn't come with a built-in CSS debugger, you need to install a plugin (Chrome comes with one since installed)
For the record, the new and fresh nice interface of Firefox 6 looks so similar to Opera, which at the same time looks so similar to Chrome… who copied whom? The war of browsers is getting wild.