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Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How to convert Excel to PDF without extra margins

How to convert Excel to PDF without extra margins

Seems it a very common problem from Excel (and sometimes Power Point) that you set all correct, nice margins, adjust columns to fit into the printing area, in preview looks fine, you save as (or print as) PDF, and then... your find out extra margins on the left and right!!!

After hours of Google it, finally found the answer

SOLUTION: setting a custom postscript page size in the printer properties

Here's what you do:

1. Go to Printers and Faxes in the Start menu of Windows.

2. Click PDFCreator and then click Set printer properties.

3. Click Printing preferences.

4. Click Advanced.

5. Under Paper Size, choose PostScript Custom Page Size.

6. Enter the dimensions of your document (for letter size, width 8.50 inches by length 11.00 inches).

7. Click OK, OK, OK, OK

Now you can say "Yes!!!!" it nows look just great finally!


Thanks to MRNDT user on that forum for the hint from other referral.