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Posted by admin on Saturday, November 12, 2011

web design in a global world that is watching

With social networks and cloud computing becoming more and more natural to our everyday life, new issues arise to design concepts.

Now is almost difficult to find a website that doesn'tinclude a “LIKE" button from Facebook, a “1+" from Google Plus or the angry bird for “follow us on Twitter"… right, that's pretty normal in a normal world, where you take everything you have and see as granted.

But when you browse websites from a different country, where information control is as its best (let you guess where I am), things look different. Then you can see gorgeous designs ruined by “small things": information control.

In places where social networks are blocked, you will find “broken" sections, that surely don't make your website lookd nice, even give the feeling that the website is out of dated or abandoned.

When designing a website that is intended to be global, I'd suggest placing icons in the website's server, instead of loading them directly from the social network site, and have a plan when those embedded scripts will not work (I'd not add them if no critical after all).