Search Engine Friendly

Your website will rank better

All websites we do are Search Engine Friendly, which is different from SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Making a website Search Engine Friendly basically means to follow Google guidelines in the coding of the website pages. By follow these guidelines the website can rank better in Search Engines than others which don't follow it. Below some of the features we add to your website to be Search Engine Friendly.

Friendly URL

We make the URL (web page address) easy to read and understand, containing keywords describing the content of the page, therefore helping your clients to know what is the page about even before clicking on the link, and for Search Engines it makes it easy to index the right information so when people search for them they get the correct results.

List for menus

Search engines crawl links to index content, and using HTML Lists is the best way to "help" search engines to find and index your website faster. HTML lists are special code to make lists equivalent to the bullet lists you see in MS Word documents, but not necessary will look like that, since we use them as a code to create top and side menus and other page layout structures.

Friendly file names

Similar to friendly URLs, we carefully name each file we use in every web page of your website, to include keywords that describes the content of the file, whatever is a JPG image, a PDF document, a MP4 video, every file name will be friendly to read for both, potential customers and search engines.

Image and Link descriptions

Describing what is the image or link about helps Search Engines to index your website content better, improving the chances when people is looking for your products or services to find you. We use HTML code on images (<img alt=""> attribute) and links (<a title=""> attributes) to add descriptions to image and links on every main page of your website.

Image Optimization

We process every single image to be as smaller as possible while keeping the right quality. We we will resize them to proper size and set the right compression. Your website will load faster, which is also a key for a good ranking and avoid potential customers to leave your website due to slow loading.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are technical parameters (some visible, some not) that are critical to Search Engines: TITLE, META DESCRIPTION, MET KEYWORDS. We help you to setup proper meta tags for the home page and provide a place where you can set these meta tags for all the pages of your website. Read more about meta tags.

And much more...

Besides the above, we do (technical) work like using less code and more content, avoiding use unnecessary scrip code, using correct semantic layout and much more to make sure your website will rank better.

At Cloud One we pride ourselves to see our client's websites ranking well, some of them even at page one of Google for main keywords. While ranking on page one is not guaranteed, we certainly can assure you the way we code the websites we do to be Search Engine Friendly will put your website on top of most of your competitors.