Crepe Holder Design

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Kelibing Yeye

A fresh redesign of existing holder package for French crepes. A wider size and new tabs were added. French crepes just got more delicious!

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crepe design preview

We took in consideration the positioning after the holder is folded, making the tabs the right sizes, so they would not be so tall and weak and still look aesthetical.

crepe design layout

On the layout we took care of small details like matching the blue bars so they will "connect" after folded to create a feeling of "flow", and making sure the bars would be perfectly vertical despite the folding angle.


"Ke-li-bing" stands for crepes and "Ye-ye" means Grandpa. If you ever come to Xiamen China, don't miss to taste these unique French Crepes at Zengcuo An (across from the beach in ZengCuo An village, near the Church in that area).

"Just great! We are constantly evolving!"
Guy Bernfeld, Kelibing Yeye